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Gallery Updates Round-Up


I’ve been slacking with updating the main site with new images so I’ve decided to compile a big update with all the new pictures. Click each individual thumbnail to view the different albums in the gallery.


New Interview & Photoshoot


While in Cannes, Cheryl gave an interview with Hello! Magazine and gave us a few exciting tidbits to (possibly) hold us over until the 7th! Her next single is in fact called ‘Crazy Stupid Love’ and she’s been busy in rehearsals for the music video and upcoming performances for it! Her album is out in November so that means one more single before the album is released! Also, ‘StormFlower’ will be available at Selfridge’s in August. She also hinted at possibly going in to acting at some point in the future!

You can read the full interview in the gallery as well as view the Cannes photoshoot by Charlotte Medlicott.


Cheryl Releasing Debut Perfume ‘StormFlower’ in August!

I AM SO EXCITED!!! I couldn’t wait to tell you. So I am showing you a sneak peek direct from the shoot for my very first Fragrance!!! It is called StormFlower and will be ready for you in August!!! aaaaahhhhhh!!!

Photoshoots > 2014 > StormFlower


New L’Oreal Paris Feria Image


Remember how a few weeks ago, every news site and blog were posting about how Cheryl was dropped from L’Oreal? Think this will get them to change their tune?

Anyways! How amazing does Cheryl look in her new L’Oreal endorsement for Feria’s Go Louder Campaign. Can’t wait to see the advert for it, has to be released soon if we’re getting pictures!